I attached couple of photos i have taken. Wine glasses, tripod, camera, wine bottles… It can be painful to carry all those things with you so you have to organize yourself. I am travelling with a mirrorless camera system in order to have better resolution. Don’t forget! the best camera is the camera with you. Consider the weight and the convenience. Don’t invest in a camera system that you dont want to travel with…

  • My favourite focal length : 24mm equivalent.
  • I am usually carrying at least 2 glasses with me.
  • Use cotton cloth for cleaning glasses.
  • Golden hours is the best time to take pictures
  • I dont like filters attached to my camera (Only ND in some case)
  • Be local 🙂 Use local wine in your picture…
  • Use tripod…
  • Think about your composition before taking pictures.






Kemal Can OCAK