“Every bottle of wine is a different adventure and different adventures are always exciting.” Kemal Can OCAK

Kemal Can OCAK

I grew up in the Mediterranean coast where i had abundance of good quality food and friends. On the other hand, at those times back in early 2000’s finding an interesting wine was almost impossible in my town. All i could find was local wines and house wines.

I have never forgotten the first time i entered a big wine store (LCBO) in Toronto.  I was simply like a kid in a big toy shop. I had never imagined there could exist so many wines.  The curiosity to taste under every cork made me pay attention to wine. That curiosity has allowed me to develop strong passion for world of wine.

I studied diploma in wines at Austrian Wine Academy and currently holding judge position at several wine competitions.

I believe the best way to understand a bottle of wine is to visit the region where it comes from.  I have been travelling the wine regions since 2013.

Above all, I am very happy to be founder of #wineisanart stream on social media. I self taught myself how to photograph and take all photos on my account.

If you would like to join my adventure, do the same! Take your camera and go out. Find a beautiful location to photograph it with a glass of wine… Cheers

Kemal Can OCAK, DipWSET